Is team building getting in the way of your CEO duties?

If you've gone from solopreneur to CEO and you're overwhelmed with building a mighty team, welcome.

Have you reached the point where you:

- Know the way you're working isn't sustainable?

- Know you need a team to support your existing business, but also to grow the business?

- Know this next step is a significant investment?

- Can't afford to have a horrible season patching a team together?

New level, new devil.

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Strengths Finder Coach

Want to know what's "cool"?

You're a success. 

You're good at what you do. You make a difference in client's lives and they're paying you enough money to the point that you need to hire help! This is awesome.

Now, let's get you a small and mighty team in place so you can scale your business even more.

This is what I do.

I'm an advisor to CEOs, helping them scale their team (and ultimately their business) through understanding their strengths and how those strengths affect which people sit at the table and where.

I've worked for 18 years in the financial, retail and marketing industries and have worked with hundreds of people. 

People are my thing.

In addition, I'm a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, an ICF Associate Certified Coach and have an MBA. 


Strengths Finder Coach
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"A session with Anna helped me understand how to implement my strengths in a way that best serves me and my team.

I didn’t fully grasp the impact (to my business) that applying the information could have. She also enabled me see how I can use the information to tailor my programs so that each participant has the very best experience possible. Thank you, Anna!"

- Ellen Johnson, Serendipity Needleworks

“Anna’s like a hug, hand hold and a push at the same time. ”

— Christie

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