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Stop trying to be like all the gurus. Be who *you* were meant to be.

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Hi there!

I’m Anna and I help business owners get to the next level in their business.

It's one thing to be amazing in your area of expertise, it's quite another thing to build a business around it.

I help you get crystal clear on "your secret sauce" and how it affects your business dreams. 

If you're buying course after course, learning and doing, starting small, rewriting your freebie, and not moving forward and feeling like your dream is a mirage in a desert, let's talk.

I can help.

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Strengths Finder Coach

“Exercising your strengths takes more courage than one would think. With Anna, I found needed reinforcement to more confidently lead with my strengths and not obsess and tinker with felt weaknesses.”

— M.N.

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Strengths Finder Coach

Here's the thing. 

There's a reason why you're pursuing this business world. There's a reason why you've been spending money on big name courses that promise you success, money and a lifestyle you love. 

You know why it's important to you to have your own business. And you also know it's possible. Others are doing it so why not you?

But did you know there's a reason why you're not getting traction or making money? 

Do you know what you bring to the table?

For starters, it's not because you're stupid, bad at starting a business or not capable enough to have a business. It's not because you need another "how to" course either.

It's because you don't know what you bring to the table re: your superpower acumen. Until you know what it is you're good at, and why you've naturally been helping people the way you have, then you'll keep looking at others and trying to emulate them vs understanding how and why what they're doing can be utilized in what you're doing.

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Strengths Finder Coach

Build your team and your business

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"I have a really solid idea of what my team members' strengths are, how we mesh, and how I can best approach communicating with each of them."

~ Bobby Klinck
Owner at Bobby Klinck

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"I see that my strengths, although different from others on my team, will actually benefit the business in different ways."

~ Bobbi-Jo Curty
Head of Fulfillment at Bobby Klinck

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"I'm much more aware of how my strengths fit into the overall team structure, and I feel confident that what I bring to the table is very valuable"

~ Katie Chase
Integrator at Bobby Klinck

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