How to build a strong business:

Know your strengths.

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Hey there!

I’m Anna and I help entrepreneurs scale their businesses by ensuring their headcount ROI.

It's one thing to be amazing in your area of expertise, it's quite another thing to build a team around it.

I help CEOs get crystal clear on their "secret sauce" and how it affects their team and business. 

If you're tired of wondering who to hire next, how to connect with your team or you're hesitant to let go of thing you've had control of for so long, let's talk.

I can help.

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Strengths Finder Coach

“Exercising your strengths takes more courage than one would think. With Anna, I found needed reinforcement to more confidently lead with my strengths and not obsess and tinker with felt weaknesses.”

— M.N.

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Strengths Finder Coach

You know that saying, 

"What got you here won't get you there?"

You can't continue growing if you're not willing to accept the changes that are inevitable.

And part of that change is working with others you've hired.

But how do you build a business while building a team?

You keep the vision you have for your business in front of you and then you start looking at your individual assets - including yourself - and if necessary you reposition or hire based on any gaps.

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Strengths Finder Coach

Build your business by building your team.

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"I have a really solid idea of what my team members' strengths are, how we mesh, and how I can best approach communicating with each of them."

~ Bobby Klinck
Owner at Bobby Klinck

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"I see that my strengths, although different from others on my team, will actually benefit the business in different ways."

~ Bobbi-Jo Curty
Head of Fulfillment at Bobby Klinck

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"I'm much more aware of how my strengths fit into the overall team structure, and I feel confident that what I bring to the table is very valuable"

~ Katie Chase
Integrator at Bobby Klinck

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