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Get to the next level in your business. 

Stop struggling, feeling bad about yourself and wondering why you're not further ahead.

And nope, you don't need another course.

You need clarity.  

I get it. It's one thing to have a dream. It's another to make that dream a reality. 

You're doing the things. You're smart, driven and an expert in your field. But there's something getting in the way, you can't quite put your finger on it, that's preventing you from moving forward. 

I got you. I've had to figure it out myself and I know what it's like to have a business I started and then wonder what's going on that I can't move forward.

What's the process like?

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Schedule a 30-minute Zoom call and let's connect. Let's discuss what type of business you're building and how knowing your strengths might be beneficial. If we're a fit, we'll schedule a 1:1 session.

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Deep dive

During your 1:1 session we'll review your strengths so you understand your unique superpowers when it comes to the type of business you're building, who you help and how you help them. You'll walk away with ideas of where you can make adjustments that'll move you forward in your business. 

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Implementation + Action

After your 1:1, you'll have greater self-awareness and you'll recognize how your strengths show up in your business. And, when it's time, you'll know the type of person to hire first.

Client love

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Strengths Finder Coach
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Superpower Strengths Package

In this two hour 1:1 session, get crystal clear on:

  • Why you're uniquely positioned to help your clients
  • Get answers to the question, "What am I good at?"
  • Understand the value your bring to your clients and your offers
  • Learn how to apply what the gurus tell you to do in business and make it work for you and your unique business (permission to throw the cookie cutter away).

Walk away with renewed confidence and the knowledge of where (and why) to focus your energy moving forward.

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Strengths Finder Coach
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Next Level Clarity + Action Package

Get off, and stay off, the struggle bus. With six one hour 1:1 sessions you'll get crystal clear on:

  • Why you're uniquely positioned to help your clients

  • How to apply what the gurus tell you to do in business and make it work for you and your unique business (permission to throw the cookie cutter away)

  • A doable, immediately implementable action plan that'll position you to start moving to the next level
  • Know exactly what it is you bring to the table, both for your clients and in your business

Walk away with the confidence and clarity you need to build *your* dream business and not someone else's.

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Strengths Finder Coach
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Enterprise Team Strengths Package

If you're a CEO or leader with a team this is for you.

Understand your team members better and how (and why) they're uniquely gifted to leverage their strengths in your business.

Help your team understand *your* strengths and each other's strengths as everyone works towards the same vision of your company. 

You and your team will walk away knowing how each person brings a unique set of "tools" to the company and how they can trust and rely on each other going forward.

Schedule a call to learn more.
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We’re a perfect fit if...

  • You’re a former corporate employee turned entrepreneur

  • You want to change the world and you're building your business to get paid for the expertise you provide

  • You’re taking action but struggling to do all-of-the-things and wondering what's holding your business back


We’re NOT a perfect fit if...

  • Helping people is the last thing on your mind when it comes to business

“Anna listened and translated scattered thoughts and ideas into specific steps to move forward. She helped me move thru moments of feeling “stuck” and “in motion but not making progress.”

— H.G.

Answer these 11 questions to find out if you're building the right business for you.

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