Episode 1: What is a "superpower"?

First episode! What is your "superpower"?

Have you ever been asked "what is your "superpower"?

Do you know what a "superpower" is? I used to think it was the fact that I was a hardworker and showed up to work on time. Not so.

A "superpower" is that thing that you do super duper well and you can't even help that you do it. The trick is figuring out what your superpower is so you can build your online business dreams around it. 

There are two reasons to know your superpower. The first one is for your own information so you can be aware of how you react and respond and think and behave in the world. And believe me, our superpowers greatly affect how we show up in the world.

The second reason is so you can hire the right people who compliment your superpower. Because the thing you're good at isn't the thing that someone else is good at, but the combination of the two of you can be really dynamic.

So listen to this first episode. I'll be answering questions during a Facebook Live on Friday, June 12th at 10am!



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