Episode 57: Eat this. Interview with EC Synkowski

My guest today is EC Synkowski, a nutrition and fitness coach who’s the founder of OptimizeMe Nutrition which delivers B2B and B2C educational nutrition programs without the dogma and gimmicks that saturate the current nutrition market. 


She’s the founder of the #800gChallenge®, in which users add a healthy-daily dose of fruits and veggies each day without any diet eliminations. Yes! Nutrition can be simple, sustainable, and effective. Over 900 gyms have run the challenge for members and more than 15,000 individuals have participated.


In addition, EC is a TEDx speaker  and has her own podcast called The Consistency Project.


In this episode we talk about:

_ Simple constructs for nutrition

_ Keeping honest when it comes to sticking with an diet

_ How the 800 gram challenge came into being 

_ How consistency is the key

_ Nutrition doesn’t have to be a drudge, it can be fun as well

Follow EC on Instagram and Facebook @optimizemenutrition

Website: https://optimizemenutrition.com/


And while I can’t help you with your nutrition goals, I can help you have a healthy team. To find out more, go to https://www.annaynelson.com/contact and let’s have a 30 minute call.


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