Episode 56: We’re All Unicorns. Interview with Emily Reagan

Emily Reagan is mom of four, Air Force wife, digital marketing consultant and founder of The Digital Media VA Crash Course. As a scrappy military wife who moves every two years, Emily has worked in various jobs related to public relations, marketing, sports media relations, journalism and video production. 


Her random skill set finally paid off when she became a freelancer digital media “VA” (virtual assistant) helping creative entrepreneurs take their talents online, grow their social media presence and build their sales funnels. She quickly booked out and didn’t like turning down clients, so she trained her smart military spouse and mom friends to learn digital media tech skills and take on clients as their own. 


She calls her Digital Media VA Crash Course graduates “unicorn VAs” because they have all the resourceful qualities, online insight and implementation skills that online business owners are looking to hire first... aka that total magical package.


In this episode we talked about:


How to know when to hire (hint: earlier is better)

Why having a team (even a team of one) helps you get those dreaded tasks done

How Emily’s strengths show up in her business and how she’s implemented changes in her business because of her new strengths knowledge

How much of an expert in doing all the things you, the business owner, need to be before hiring a VA

What are the tasks that you shouldn’t be doing if you have a team member

How to hire your own highly trained VA from Emily’s program

And how to become your own VA unicorn


Connect with Emily here:

Instagram: emilyreaganpr -- https://www.instagram.com/emilyreaganpr/


FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/digitalmediava


For business owners:

Submit your job opp >> http://emilyreaganpr.com/virtual-assistant/


For anyone curious about working as a digital marketing service provider:

How to Work Online Masterclass >> https://courses.emilyreaganpr.com/masterclass


And if you want to learn more about building a business and team around your strengths go to: https://www.annaynelson.com/contact



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