Episode 53: Ferris Bueller was an Influencer

I was watching the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off recently and I thought to myself that Ferris is probably strong in the CliftonStrengths domain: Influencing.


The Influencing domain is all about the ability to move people to take action. Helping other people’s voices get heard. 


The entire movie is based on Ferris’s ability to get people to take action. Whether it’s to skip the day at school, rally kids around a cause (saving Ferris because they think he’s sick), and doing out-of-their-comfort-zone things that stretch those closest to him.


I’ve coached people In the online entrepreneurial space who lead with the Influencing domain. And it’s amazing how they’re able to influence their clients to take action. To do things they’ve never done before. 


If you know that that’s your superpower, you’re going to build your business differently. You’re going to look for a certain type of client who needs you to help them move forward, to take action.


You’re going to care about your client’s success, but you’re okay not being best friends with them. You do want people to like you, so you’ll be sure not to ruin any bridges, but that’s also how you get people to buy in to making change - by inspiring them.


Now, not all business owners high in Influencing behave or show up in the same way. Each of us is super unique in our strengths. Which means that it’s up to you to find out how you inspire people to move forward.


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