Episode 52: How two strength coaches help different niches.

This week fellow Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Micah Lorenc and I have a meta conversation about building our different coaching businesses through the lens of our different strengths. For example, he loves coaching teams. I love coaching individuals.


In this episode, learn how:


_ Strengths and learned skill sets are different

_ Knowing your strengths can change your life

_ To break the status quo by using your strengths

_ Different strengths coach coach differently based on how they’re wired

_ Coaching is applicable for different stages of your life

_ Someone with few relationship building strengths makes friends

_ Your strengths is your money maker, but how they can also hold you back

_ You can build a strengths-based business 

_ Your strengths can lead to success and the things that are important to you

Follow Micah at: 

Website: https://micahlorenc.com/

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/micah-lorenc-0564885


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