Episode 47: How your strengths help you know what type of coaching business to have.

You’ve decided to be a coach. Now it’s time to decide what type of coaching business to have. Given how many coaches and coaching businesses are out there, how do you decide what to do? Who do you help? How do you help? How long do you help them for? What type of service do you offer? 


You can shave months, even years, off the beginning stages of your business growth by building your client base and business services around your unique strengths. It’s possible.


If you have a business that’s working for you, but you don’t know the magic behind what’s working and why, imagine what would happen if you did.


Check out this week’s podcast episode to find out why knowing your strengths matters when it comes to having a coaching business you love. 


And if you’d like to deep dive into your strengths, click here to learn more.


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