Episode 45: How this Instagram expert built her business with her strengths. An interview with Molly Cahill.

Molly Cahill is a social media marketer who loves Instagram. She also loves the Gallup CliftonStrengths. We talked about how her strengths lend beautifully to the type of work she does with her functional medicine and holistic wellness doctor clients.

Despite knowing about her strengths from previous work experience, in this conversation Molly gained insight into how her top strengths have shown up in her work and how she can lean more into them moving forward.

We talked about the differences of the Myers-Briggs and CliftonStrengths; how the same strengths that we each have shows up similarly and differently in our businesses; and at the end Molly gave some tips for being yourself on Instagram.

Find Molly on Instagram over @mollyacahill and if you want to know how to make some easy tweaks to your Instagram account click here to access Molly’s three part video series.

Molly Cahill's website: https://www.mollycahill.com/




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