Episode 42: What if I’m told that what I don’t like doing is my superpower?

There are lots of questions I get asked when it comes to what I do and one of them was, “What if I’m told that the thing I don’t like doing is my superpower?” 


I wouldn’t want to meet with a coach if I was going to be encouraged to keep doing the very thing I didn’t like doing! That’s be awful!


There’s a difference between being good at something naturally and having learned something and done it over and over to the point where you know how to do it really well. 


But just because you know how to do something really well and you paid lots of money to learn it (college, grad school, certifications) doesn’t mean that that’s your superpower. You just learned how to do something and can do it.


Your superpower you can do anytime, with a level of excellence, ease, energy and enjoyment and nothing you don’t like doing can compare to it. Those are the clues to knowing what your superpower is.

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