Episode 4: Building something you don’t understand and nor do others, but you still believe in it.

Today I want to talk about something that I think is pretty common. It's the whole experience of when you're building something new and you have a hard time explaining what it is and other people don’t understand what it is you're doing. And yet you still believe in what you're doing! 

How many times have you had friends or family ask you, “How's business?” or, “Tell me about that thing that you're doing” and you have a hard time explaining it to them? And then you're confused, because in your head, you know exactly what you're doing. But when you start to verbalize it to someone else, you're like, “Maybe I don't know what I'm doing.” 

It's hard being the odd one out when everyone else in your life has a traditional nine to five job. And I'm usually the only one in a group of friends who's like, “Hey, I wrote my opt-in document today.” 

And they're like, “Your what?” 

“My freebie!” 

And they’re like, “What?” 

“My content. I wrote a PDF, and I'm giving it away on my website. And it took me all week to create content for it.” 

And they're like, “We have no idea what you're talking about.” 

It can feel discouraging. You're doing this thing that you know will work because you’re surrounded online by other online entrepreneurs, but in your real life, most likely you might be the only one creating an online business. 

I'm here to say, that’s part of the process. Don't be surprised when you tell someone of your online entrepreneurial dreams, and they scratch their heads and they're confused. Or they start asking you questions and maybe send you links to job sites because they think that you should just get a job instead, because that is “more secure.”

Anytime you start to change or explore something new in your life the people in your life who know where you've come from, and who understood what you did before you started your online dreams, they’re going to be confronted with their own insecurities and fears and ideas about what you're doing. And that's okay. 

When you worked at your nine to five job back in the day, and you always thought, “I need to start looking for jobs.” And one day, someone who you liked working with comes up and says, “Hey, I'm leaving the company, I got a job elsewhere.” And you're like, “What?” You're not really excited for that person. Instead, you're like, “Nooooooo! They got a job before I did.” We think about ourselves when someone tells us about themselves. 

Maybe you’re starting your own business, and you're surrounded by people who aren't brave enough to ever start their own business. They think you should just stick with your job. You have to have some good resolve and be like, “No, I'm gonna try this right now. I'm excited. I know I can do it, others have done it so I'm going to keep trying. And if for some reason I can't do it, I won’t do it.” 

Just be aware that when you tell people about what you're doing, and when you have a hard time explaining what you're doing, that's part of the process. Depending on where you are in your business, it is going to be messy. It's like an art project, you have an idea for a painting, and you're like, “I need all of the supplies, I need all of the tools, I need all of these things.” And you haven't even created your painting yet. Then you start painting and you're like, “My goodness, this is terrible. I need to start again” or,” I need to repaint over.” and you think, “I had this great vision in my head, but this doesn't look like how I envisioned it.” That’s also part of the process. 

You're doing something new. You're stretching yourself in a way that you've never had to do before. And unlike at a corporate job where you have a specific role, all of a sudden you're doing all of the roles, all of the things, wearing all of the hats. Maybe you never knew how to build your own website, but now you spent six months (like myself) learning how to build a website. That’s part of the process. And it can be discouraging when you're like, “I wanted to get into business because I wanted to coach people into discovering their superpowers. How come all I'm doing right now is learning how to build a website? I feel like maybe I just became a website designer.”

It’s super easy to feel like that when you’re learning and when you're setting up the foundations for your business. It's gonna be messy and you need to keep going through the mess because eventually something wonderful is going to come out of it. As long as you keep pressing on. 

So when your friends and family ask you what type of business you're building or how business is going, if you’re having a hard time coming up with a cohesive answer, know that it's okay. 

Come up with a canned reply like, “Business is great. I'm learning lots” or, ‘I'm figuring things out” or, “I'm moving forward” or, “I just joined a mastermind.” Come up with something where, you reassure them that you’ve put parameters in place to move yourself forward. They don't need to concern themselves with how things are going. 

When you start to emerge from that messy beginning, maybe even messy middle, they’re going to see that you really stuck with it. They're going to see your efforts. 

So if you have started down the entrepreneurial path, and you are struggling with overwhelmed consistency, you're wondering what value you provide. I would love to talk with you and see how I can use my superpowers to help you figure out what your superpowers are so you can go out and help someone else. 

Click here to schedule a free virtual meet ‘n greet. I’d be honored to hear what your online entrepreneurial dreams are and what you're interested in doing to help the world become a better place.


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