Episode 36: He thought his superpower was video...

Milan Kowalewski is a digital marketer who helps business owners and entrepreneurs convert their followers into customers so they don’t have to rely on word-of-mouth to grow their business. He’s helped dozens of business owners from around the world create a clear marketing plan using a simple 5-part framework. 

In this episode, learn how:

_ Milan Kowalewski used his strategic thinking and problem solving strengths to create individualized marketing plans for some of the top cosmetic doctors in New York City even when they were across the hall from each other.

_ By learning about his strengths and conversely how those strengths showed up as weaknesses, Milan was able to get out of his own way and trust that how he had been helping his clients was actually solid and now he didn’t have to second guess himself

_  How he was naturally tracking metrics for his clients to help them see how their marketing efforts were paying off (something yours truly had never thought about doing until recently)

_ At the end we got really meta and talked about how Milan Kowalewski as a marketer helps his clients differentiate their work from others who work in the same industry and how I as a strengths coach do the the same thing except with clients who’s businesses vary widely 

 Listen to Episode 36 on The Anna Nelson Show to hear our entire conversation. 

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