Episode 35: From Corporate Employee to Business Owner. Interview with Andrea Ames

Andrea Ames is a high performance coach with high-achieving clients. She’s a pro at creating transformational experiences for customers who interact with brands and their products. She spent years working in corporate and three and half years ago she took the leap into starting her own business. 

In this episode, learn how:

_ Andrea learned how her strengths show up differently now that she’s the CEO even though she learned about her strengths while working in corporate, 

_ She learned that strengths that weren’t appreciated in corporate are the perfect strengths in her business and the very ones she relies on when it comes to moving her business forward

_ Knowing her strengths makes her happier

_ By getting coaching through the lens of her strengths in her business Andrea built a better business despite already having a successful business

_ She learned to appreciate her strengths after spending years being self-deprecating about them 

_ She utilizes different strengths to get things done

_ She realized that if you’re doing what you love and you hire others who love doing what you don’t, you can build the perfect team

_ Who she is beneficial for her clients

_ Andrea recognized when her strengths weren’t serving her

_ She no longer feels bad that she’s not like someone else

Listen to Episode 35 on The Anna Nelson Show to hear our entire conversation. 

If you want to learn more about *your* strengths and how to use them more proactively in your business or on your team, schedule a free 30 minute call on my website at https://www.annaynelson.com/contact, can’t wait to hear from you!

 And if you want to connect with Andrea Ames herself, you can find her on the socials at the links below:



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