Episode 34: How this mother and daughter learned to appreciate each other. Interview with Mona Nelson

Raise your hand if you ever fought with your mother? I know I certainly did and until I was well into adulthood I never appreciated the strengths that my mom has. In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought it’d be interesting to have my mom on the show and talk about how learning how we are each wired made a difference when relating to one another.


In this episode, learn:


_ How self-awareness is key, whether you’re the parent or the adult child

_ Why knowing your strengths is important in family life

_ How opposite strengths can be a positive if you know and appreciate the other person’s strengths

_ How your own family culture can affect how you love the next generation

_ How a practical parent might parent differently than a more empathetic parent

_ The importance of of knowing how you function in everyday life

_ The difference between those who solve problems and those make things better

_ The importance of recognizing how you show up with your strengths in any situation

_ And ultimately, how love and respect are the most important thing regardless of how you’re wired


My mom and I are complete opposites of each other when it comes to how we show up in the world. We discussed our differences when I was a child and now as I’m an adult. If you have anyone close to you, it can be really life-changing and life-giving to know how you operate and how your loved one operates. It can be a powerful combination or a source of great frustration.


Listen to Episode 34 on The Anna Nelson Show to hear our entire conversation. 


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