Episode 33: How this naturally organized business owner helps her naturally creative clients. Interview with Kristen Westcott

Kristen Westcott is a business growth and systems strategist who helps online coaches, copywriters, and other service providers scale without the frustration that massive growth often brings. After honing her skills as a Director of Operations, Kristen recognized that what was holding many entrepreneurs back wasn’t a lack of drive or ability but a lack of foundational systems that support the day-to-day operations of a scaling business.

Now, she spends her time helping entrepreneurs focus on the right things so they can spend more of their time stepping into the role of visionary leader and less time on the administrative and day-to-day tasks.

This week on the show I had the opportunity to connect with Kristen and we confirmed the fact that we are completely opposite of each other. She has the perfect strengths to come into my business behind the scenes and get me organized. Something I have no aptitude for, but I really appreciate when it’s done.

In this episode, learn:

_ What a systems strategist is

_ How systems and workflow help growing business owners so they can focus on what they love doing

_ How your routine may or may not be eating precious time out of your day and how a system can make it efficient

_ How project management systems help you even if you’re not the type of person who likes learning how to set them up

_ How accountability keeps you on track with your goals

We not only discussed what Kristen does in her business, but we discussed how learning about her strengths changed how she relates to clients who are the opposite of her and how her strengths play directly into the business she’s built and what she offers her clients. 

I know for myself, I need people in my life like Kristen who are extremely good at putting systems and strategies in place. 

If getting organized is something you struggle with, Kristen shared her focus framework guide which helps entrepreneurs figure out what they need to focus on right now in their current phase of business and forget the rest while drastically reducing their to-do list! Click here for the link: www.kristenwestcottmedia.com/anna

Listen to Episode 33 on The Anna Nelson Show to hear our entire conversation. Then let both of us know what your key takeaway was! You can find Kristen on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kristen.westcott/ and her facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/howtogrowyourbiz

If you want to learn more about *your* strengths and how to use them more proactively in your business or on your team, schedule a free 30 minute call on my website at https://www.annaynelson.com/contact, can’t wait to hear from you!


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