Episode 31: How your strengths might be making you an unnecessary perfectionist

I’ve met quite a few entrepreneurs who tell me that they’re a “recovering perfectionist.” I’ll nod my head and say, “I’m one too.” When building something from the ground up it usually doesn’t look like what we envisioned, but you have to start somewhere and starting “somewhere” usually means putting something out there, seeing what happens, then tweaking it and putting it out there again.


Perfectionists have an extremely difficult time just putting something out there. They might mull something over for days, weeks, months or even years. It’s not healthy to be a perfectionist and those of us who are “recovering” know what a relief it is to not have to be perfect.


That’s the subject of this week’s podcast. I discuss perfectionism from the book “How to Beat Perfectionism” by Darlene Lancer and I discuss how certain strengths have perfectionist tendencies.


If you want a business, and something’s holding you back, it could very well be your perfectionistic leaning strengths.


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