Episode 29: How do you define productivity?

When you crawl into bed, what makes you feel like you had a good day? 


I know I had a good day when I've connected with others. In fact, that's how I structured my business. I connect with strangers every day.


Now, on the backend of my business there are things I absolutely don't like doing, like learning a new accounting tool or planning out social content, but I can't have a business if I don't do the things that are necessary to run a business.


Getting things done, i.e. being productive, requires finding a way to do the things you enjoy and and the things you don't enjoy. 


In this week's podcast episode I discuss how our strengths determine how we feel productive. Why? Because it's important to recognize that "productivity" means something different for you and me. We're going to  have different businesses based on how we're wired and we're going to get stuck on the backend of our businesses based on how we're wired. 


It's not a bad thing, it's just something we need to be aware of and then manage differently.


I'd feel super productive if you wanted to have a conversation about how you feel productive. Let's connect!  Head over to my website annaynelson.com/contact to schedule a free 30 minute conversation. Maybe we feel productive in the opposite way! I'd love to compare notes.


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