Episode 27: What’s the gift you're giving yourself in 2021?

We just came out of a season where it’s all about giving gifts to others. As we enter a new season of goals and resolutions, what’s the gift you’re going to give yourself? Sometimes, to make a dream or goal come true, we need to give ourselves a “gift” that’s bigger than a material item. Maybe it’s therapy, an online class, or a new baking tool. 


What can you give yourself as you begin 2021 that’ll help you move forward in your hopes and dreams?


Did you know, your own strengths can get in the way of you pursuing your dreams? My strengths have gotten in the way of my own dreams coming true, but over the years I’ve learned how they get in the way. Maybe a gift you can give yourself this year is a 1:1 strengths session. Schedule a free 30-minute chat to find out more by clicking this link:  https://www.annaynelson.com/contact. Can't wait to connect!


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