Episode 24: When superpowers go rogue

How many times have you thought you had a mental “block” to overcome? I know I’ve thought a lot about it before and for the longest time I thought something was wrong with me. But actually, nothing was (or is) wrong with me, it was just that my greatest strengths were getting in the way of me moving forward. They had become my weakness. 


In this podcast, I share a few examples of how one’s strengths can get in the way and how they show up as weaknesses. I.e. perfectionism. That one I’ve personally struggled with before. Now I know that I like things to be better, but sometimes things just have to get done. They don’t need to get better. 


If you’re a business owner growing a team and you want to learn how your strengths might be getting in the way of moving forward or working with your team members, schedule a free 30-minute chat by clicking this link:  https://www.annaynelson.com/contact. Can't wait to connect!


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