Episode 16: Recognizing when someone else’s fear influences your decisions

Have you ever been brave about something and when you told others about the dream you were pursuing you started to get “feedback” and it took you by surprise? Then, did you notice that you began doubting yourself and backtracking on your dream, forgetting why you wanted to be brave in the first place? In this episode I talk about how to recognize when someone else’s fear starts to influence you and what to do about it. It’s real. And just because someone else isn’t pursuing what you’re pursuing, no matter the reason, doesn’t mean you can't keep on your path.


Knowing how you think, feel and behave matters when it comes to understanding how show up brave in your life. Schedule a free 30-minute chat to find out more by clicking this link:  https://www.annaynelson.com/contact. Can't wait to connect!


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